How to choose men's engagement rings?

May 29, 2020 4 min read


I heard this question instead of a “hello” right after I picked up the phone that woke me up on a Sunday morning. It was an old friend of mine calling. For a few weeks he had been getting ready for a very meaningful step in his relationship - he had been planning a marriage proposal for his significant other.

My friend had planned everything down to the smallest detail: he chose a place and a date, prepared and memorized a touching speech, and even decided what shirt he would wear on that day. The only thing left was to deal with one essential detail - it was necessary to find and buy ‘the one’, the perfect ring. The groom-to-be was optimistic and rushed to find a gift. However, to his great disappointment, he did not succeed to achieve this goal quickly.

Here are just a small fraction of the questions that arose immediately after he decided to start the search.

  • Ring sets. What are the different types of sets, and which one is right for you?
  • Diamond rings. Should they have one diamond, three stones, or none at all?
  • Why seemingly identical gemstones may differ up to 30% in price. What does one need to know about the diamond pricing systems? 4C assessment system, and more.
  • The most popular precious metals. How do they differ apart from color, which one to prefer?
  • Where did the tradition of ring exchange derive from, and when was the first marriage between men?

Moreover, judging by these questions, the main issue complicating the selection process was that my friend, as probably many of those reading this story now, did not have the slightest idea what the men’s engagement ring should look like.

Trips to jewelry stores, along with searches on the Internet, did not really help; instead, they lead to many new questions and confused my friend even more. The mission seemed impossible.

Hence, when another attempt to find answers to his questions failed, he concluded that the best solution in such a situation would be to seek advice from a person he trusts. He knew for a fact that due to my line of work I had been interested in jewelry for quite some time; besides, he also knew how much time and attention our team and I paid to details when creating the next piece of jewelry, and how important we find the quality and comfort of the finished product. Therefore, having decided that this is exactly what he needs, he barely waited until dawn to dial my number.

By the time the abovementioned conversation happened, I was sincerely convinced that I knew nearly everything about jewelry (spoiler alert: in fact, I do not, but you will learn more about this at the very end of my story), so without any hesitation, I agreed to tell him everything I know. At that point, I could never imagine where an attempt to help a friend in love would take me.

Nevertheless, perhaps I shall approach it one step at a time.

I am certain that you would not have read this far unless you had encountered the same problem as my friend had; and if so, I sincerely hope that this article will be useful to you, guide you among all the nuances, and help you find the answers to your questions.

So, let's start with sets:

There are three main options for ring sets.

The first and most common option is the classic engagement ring with one or more gemstones. Only one of the future spouses wears this ring. After the wedding ceremony, another one joins it – a wedding ring. In this case, the other spouse wears a wedding band. In total, we have three rings.


The second option, growing increasingly popular among the sweethearts lately, is a set that includes couples’ engagement rings. In my opinion, this brilliant solution allows both partners not only to confirm the sincerity of their intentions towards each other but also to inform others about their new status.

Besides, this engagement ring set can later serve as wedding rings. I believe that this option is also the most convenient one in terms of everyday wear.

The third option and the one my friend favored and Cristiano Ronaldo followed him after that :) is a four-piece ring set. This set includes two engagement rings and two rings for the wedding ceremony.

In all of the above options, the rings can be executed in several versions, making it possible to select jewelry that meets the requirements of each of the future spouses.

For instance, if both you and your partner favor inlay jewelry, a set of rings with one or more stones is a great solution for you.

By the way, Sir Elton John and David Furnish opted for rings like this for their wedding.

The custom-made matching platinum rings with diamonds differ only in the names of spouses engraved on the inside.

The approximate cost of a pair of rings is1M.

Unlike the couple above, Ricky Martin and his boyfriend Jwan Yosef decided on simple and elegant rings without stones.

Lately, Ricky switched his to the diamond one and Jwan kept the same.

However, what should you do when you and your partner’s tastes do not match? After all, perhaps you may like austere and concise rings without gemstones, and your significant other may prefer dazzling pieces with precious stones. In this case, you should look out for the sets where both options are available. Such rings are usually designed using the same style and may differ in, for example, the presence of inlay in one of the pieces, or in width. Generally, this would be a custom order.

Your choice is limited merely by your imagination and, possibly, your budget.