How to choose your perfect rose gold engagement ring and 10 things you need to know about it?

August 08, 2019 10 min read

How to choose your perfect rose gold engagement ring and 10 things you need to know about it?

Two most important pieces in my jewelry collection are rose gold engagement rings. They are more than 60 years old. They were worn by my grandparents, whose relationship remains for me an idea, a symbol of tenderness and selfless fidelity. I’m assuming they didn’t think that they make an investment in a family heirloom thought :) that’s why I’m trying to give my clients as much information as possible because we believe it’s not only about buying a beautiful ring in your budget it’s also about the story that you want to tell to the future generation. And we take this responsibility very seriously.

I often ask what pink gold is. Many of my clients are not possible to satisfy superficial information. They want to know more before making a serious investment. I was looking for a suitable resource to which I could give a link but so nothing and without finding I went to the library to study everything there is on rose gold engagement ring topic and rose gold in general.

As a result, in front of you, the biggest, complete and informative article about rose gold engagement rings.

From this article, you will learn (if you want to go straight to the section of your interest just click on the link):

- rose gold is an alloy of pure gold, copper, and silver in different proportions
- there are 3 rose gold samples. 9 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat. They differ in color, wear resistance, allergenicity and price.
- Rose gold can be wear-resistant or may not. It all depends on the alloy.
- 9 carat rose gold darkens during the year quite strongly. 18 carat does not darken at all.
- rose gold first appeared in the Russian Empire thanks to experiments Carla Faberge
- rose gold is as valuable as yellow and white. Caucasus egg on which it first appeared is estimated at $33M +
- rose gold symbolizing love and passion
- why are the engagement rings made of rose gold so popular?
- how to clean a rose gold ring and why is the best product worth less than a dollar?

Features rose gold

Gold in pure form is so soft that it is extremely impractical to use it in jewelry form. Adding other metals gives it strength. The final color depends on the amount and types of impurities. For example, white gold is obtained by adding palladium, platinum or nickel to the ligature.

Rose gold is nothing but an alloy of pure gold, copper and silver in different proportions. The ratio of metals differs from traditional yellow, white or other types. But the composition of rose gold can also be different. The more copper in the ligature, the richer the color, up to almost red. When adding silver, it turns out a very delicate, beautiful pink shade.

To make it clearer, we did awesome infographic for you.

9-carat gold refers to low-grade.
The ligature contains only 37.5 percent pure gold, so the alloy loses almost all its useful properties. Due to the high content of copper alloy color is close to red, the metal itself is easily oxidized, loses attractive appearance. Buying engagement ring made of such gold is better to beware, especially you need to monitor the composition of people prone to allergic reactions. By itself, the precious metal allergies almost do not cause, and copper in rare cases can. Jewelers often use this alloy for making souvenirs, various figurines, cigarette cases. It can be used in furniture finishing.

14-carat gold is the most popular, often used composition.
The pink metal of this sample is easy to process, it is durable and wear-resistant. The density of such gold is 12.8 — 14.8 g/cm3, while pure yellow — 19.32 g/cm3. The chemical composition is almost neutral, so the risk of allergies when wearing 14-carat jewelry is minimal. From 14 carat rose gold, a variety of jewelry is made - rings, pendants, earrings, medallions, necklaces and much more. Such jewelry is quite in demand on the world market because of strength, beautiful color, romantic appearance.

18-carat gold is used for the preparation of elite jewelry.
Engagement rings made of this metal look unusual and very gentle. 18K rose gold is very plastic, so it is easy to process, for which it is highly appreciated by jewelers. Alloy is used for the manufacture of delicate openwork rings, extremely beautiful and attractive. Such metal is almost completely inert, as atoms of gold and silver do not enter into chemical reactions with oxygen. The small amount of copper contained in the ligature can still cause darkening, but much slower than in lower samples. The engagement ring made of 18-carat gold in vintage style look stunningly beautiful. They are decorated with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, topaz - with all the stones they are equally good. Luxury rings embody elegance and sophistication.

The history of rose gold

The history of rose gold is closely connected with the history of jewelry art of financial leaders of the XIX century - England and France. These countries were trendsetters at the time, and it was there that made the best gold jewelry that was famous all over the world.

Rose gold has its own, long and noble history of origin. Incredibly popular today, it appeared in the XIX century and is connected with the name of the palace jeweler in Russian Empire, Karl Faberge. Experimenting with alloys, he obtained a metal of beautiful pink color and incorporated it into his richly decorated creations. In particular, the famous Faberge egg “Caucasus” from 1893, in the upper and lower part is decorated with a lush garland made of rose gold with bows, trimmed with diamonds. Egg presented to the Empress of Russian Empire Maria Fedorovna Romanova, wife of Russian Tsar Alexander III. Made souvenir in the style of late Louis XV. In 1930, the egg was bought by Armand Hammer for the New York Gallery and later by Matilda Geddings Grey. Currently exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Again for Maria Fedorovna, who was already widowed at the time of the Empress, by order of her son Nicholas II, one of the masters of Fabergé, Michael Perkhin, made in 1898 the egg “Pelican” from rose gold and diamonds. It is made in Empire style, differs from others by the absence of enamel on the whole surface. The top is covered with engraved rose gold, and on top of the egg, there is a pelican with inlaid diamonds wings, feeding the little pelican. The souvenir represents maternal care and participation, timed to the centenary of the care of Russian empresses of charitable institutions. The egg “Pelican” was also bought by Armand Hammer in 1930, and later sold it to the wife of General Motors President John Pratt, Lilian Thomas. According to her will, the creation of the master was transferred to the Virgin Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, where it is located to the present day.


Many girls like Victorian engagement rings. They reflect the romantic orientation characteristic of the people of that time. Queen Victoria knew a lot about jewelry, loved them, during her reign there were several variations of engagement and engagement rings. Decorations of the beginning of the era differ in large size, vityevaty. Diamonds were rarely used at that time. Everything has changed since 1870, when a diamond mine was discovered in South Africa. The rings began to adorn with diamonds and other expensive stones. Victoria very much liked opals, she appreciated rubies, amethysts, sapphires, emeralds. Among the brides of the late Victorian era (late 19th century) were popular wedding rings in the form of snakes, like the one of Queen Victoria herself. They were distinguished by an elegant carved design, most often with many small colored gemstones. Such rings were considered a symbol of romantic relationships. Another variant of Victorian rings is with one diamond in the center surrounded by smaller stones. Made rings of yellow or rose gold. The fashion trend was the symbolic message laid out of precious stones. The words were formed according to the first letters of the name of the stone. The old method of the early 18th century was used to cut a centrally located diamond. By the way, it is very similar to modern methods, but in Victorian rings the stone was more rounded. Small diamonds, pearls, precious stones disposed of a cluster method, when small stones are very close to each other. At the same time, it seems that it is one big stone consisting of small stone. For connoisseurs of sophistication and elegance of that era, we create engagement rings in Victorian style.


In France, the end of the 19th century was marked by the emergence of a new style in the art of jewelry - art nouveau. The face of the style was the famous tandem designer and jeweler Alphonse Mouch and Georges Fouquet. They created real artistic masterpieces that struck harmony and impeccable taste. A characteristic feature was the discovery of new materials for the manufacture of jewelry — a combination of colored gold, diamonds, emeralds with pearls, crystal, ornamental stones. Fashionable trends supported then promising French jeweler Frederick Boucheron. He had a unique ability to feel the spirit of time, creating truly innovative jewelry. One of the favorite topics was floristry. In his opinion, such rings perfectly emphasize the feminine beauty. The delicate leaves and flowers were cut to the smallest detail. Colored, including rose gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphire and other stones were used for the manufacture. Boucheron became known as the “jeweler of love.” For engagement rings to him began to appeal fierce sweethearts not only from France, but also from other countries of the world. The explosion of the popularity of engagement and engagement rings in rose gold occurred in the 1920s, after the Frenchman Louis Cartier created his first famous Trinity ring in 1924. It was a weave of gold rings in three different colors: pink — symbolizing love and passion; yellow — fidelity; white — friendship. The ring was intended for French writer and artist Jean Cocteau, who, by the way, did not part with him until his death. In addition to Trinity, in the Cartier collection, there were other models made of rose gold, decorated with precious stones. They were very liked by the French brides of the time, known for their love for everything romantic. It was like a breath of fresh breeze, mysterious and tender.

In the 30s, with the advent of a new style in art deco jewelry, the wave of popularity of rose gold passed, but briefly. A few years after the end of the Second World War, in the 1950s, engagement and engagement rings made of this metal came back into fashion. And today they are experiencing a real boom. Ending the test of time, the engagement rings in rose gold combine old traditions with modern fashion trends. Today, the rose gold has become a classic, the engagement rings from it are happy to choose the current couples in love. And jewelers appreciate the plasticity, the ability to create stunningly beautiful things, excellent compatibility with precious stones.

Why choose engagement rings made of rose gold

Rose gold fits any skin type. I saw different girls trying on such rose gold engagement rings, and every time I was amazed at how much they make any type of skin glow. A gentle pink shade makes the skin shine, which makes it look even and more beautiful. Rose gold is a universal metal that goes well with yellow and white gold ornaments future bride has. Therefore, rose gold engagement rings can safely choose girls who already have a gold collection to wear it along with the ring. Pink gold engagement rings are well suited to many styles of clothing - romantic, everyday and even business. The restrained warm color slightly dilutes the strict ensemble, gives the image elegance. But in this case a lot of jewelry is better not to wear - enough one or two.

Rose gold also has other advantages:
strength — we give a lifetime warranty on our rings;
elasticity, ability to keep shape — thanks to these properties jewelers create amazing beautiful openwork, aerial products;
attractiveness — with proper care for a long time does not dim, retains its appearance.
And any shade of rose gold perfectly blends with diamonds, together forming a magnificent duo. Bright glare of stones, rainbow overtones of faces, impeccable transparency as much as possible fit to the framing of warm pink gold colors. Such jewelry flaunted on the fingers of many celebrities - Jacqueline Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Wallis Simpson, Grace Kelly.

How to choose a rose gold engagement ring in vintage style

Vintage jewelry looks unusual and exquisite. But old rings, which for several decades, can often be in worse condition than we would like. In addition, many are afraid to wear such jewelry because they store the energy of their former owner. But buying a rose gold engagement ring, made in a vintage style - a great solution for lovers of exclusive things and romance.

There are many rules regarding the choice of rings. Properly selected decoration can transform your hand, visually make more elegant.

Here are a few tips:

Rose gold engagement rings with horizontal stripes look good on thin long fingers;
oval stones make hands more elegant and narrow;
look great engagement rings with one large diamond, when the stone protrudes above the surface of the decoration, completely visible from all sides;

forget about all the rules if you loved the ring from the first look — there are no too big or small diamonds, this is exactly your option.
In any case, the girl will be happy to wear the engagement ring if she chooses its design. This practice is widespread today and is not surprising.
Not every man can pick up a ring for his beloved so that it fits perfectly for her. Jointly chosen engagement ring will be the most favorite and desirable gift for engagement. We manufacture engagement rings in vintage style. We have a young, promising company, so we are interested in developing honest, transparent relations to earn your trust. In each ring we put a piece of our soul, we do individually for each client. If desired, we can make any change in the design, carefully treat every detail. We will gladly help you to decide on the choice of engagement ring, professionally tell about each model. We use only recycled gold and non-conflict diamonds. In Los Angeles, we deliver jewelry ourselves, to any country of the world we carry out shipping company DHL with full insurance. Contact our shop, we will only be glad if our rose gold engagement rings become a symbol of your strong family!