January 08, 2021 3 min read



It’s a very common question.


Short answer, yes you can. 

If someone made this ring then someone else can fix it. No matter what ring you have, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, 14K, 18K the technological process is identical. 

First of all, if you have a plain wedding band you need to hit it up, so the metal gets softer, then put it on the Ring Stretcher and stretch or reduce size. In the case of the white gold, you’ll probably have to rhodium plate it again and with platinum you need to hit it to a higher temperature.


If you have some sort of pattern on the ring you still can stretch it or reduce the size the same way. If your pattern is complicated or you need to change the size 1-2 steps weather way you’ll have to cut the ring, solder part of the metal into the ring, and polish. A jeweler in that case would have to do his best to save the pattern. If you trying to stretch the ring. If you want to reduce the size you need to cut the part of it, bring the size of the ring together and again polish it and plated again if needed. If the ring with a complicated pattern would have to be resized more than one step, then your pattern would change its shape and form. Try it out. If it’s ok with you then leave it that way. If not, the only thing you can do is to melt it and do it all over again. Unfortunately, that is the downside of the rings with patterns. My favorite type of rings thought :)


If you have stones on top of the ring then resizing work would be done on the opposite side of the stone. If you have enough metal to work with then again it will be heated and stretch. If you ER thing then we cut it, and add a little plate of gold, solder it and polish it. You won't see where it was done.


The fun starts when we dealing with bigger stones or with 3 stone rings. In that case, we will probably have to remove all the stones before resizing the ring. It’s a case to case decision. And the reason is that your prongs can get loose and the best way to make sure you not losing your stone is to double-check them very carefully.  


If your stones go all the way around then the best way to reduce the size is to cut the part with stone or add a similar part with the stone to your ring. Or instead of the stone, you can add a little piece of metal, but then it would be visible and you’ll not be able to spin it around and have to wear it face up. Not a bid deal though.  


The hardest part is to resize the ring where one part spins around another. In a lot of cases, these rings can’t be resized. When you buy this type of ring you have to be aware of that. 

Trinity rings from the same category. Very hard to resize them but still possible. 


Enamel rings. Enamel act like glass and when you are going to change the ring size it’s going to break. You need to remove it first. Change the size, similar way as I mentioned before. Try it out and make sure it’s the way you want it and then apply enamel again. It’s the only way to do it. 


And the last type of ring is multicolored rings. It’s where you can see rose gold, yellow and white. It can be plated with different types of gold (we personally don’t do that) or it can be made out of a different type of gold. The process is the same. There is no difference in what I described. 


I just want to add that a good jeweler would make his job in a way that you won’t see any difference when you get it back. No scars or marks would be visible. The best way is to maintain your jewelry with someone who actually did it. Especially the small shops, they know every piece they did and they know exactly what to do with it. Also, make sure you know the risk of each specific jewelry piece when you buy them. We always give a very clear description of our pieces. 


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