Everything you need to know to pick one of a kind engagement rings

April 09, 2020 14 min read

Don't you imagine a gorgeous one of a kind engagement ring while wondering about such a special event of your life as a wedding day?

Most of the young girls tend to imagine themself getting married in absolutely unique dresses, under flowers that no one else has at the venue with a breathtaking view. And no one ever said: "I wouldn't mind having the same ring as everyone else does". Why then we are not looking at unique engagement rings more closely, as close as we do choose everything else.

Are we so easily intimidated by the words “custom engagement ring”? 

Even bigger "why" when we think if you order custom wedding dress it would cost a fortune but custom engagement ring would be about the same with well-branded mass-market one and we still choosing pre made ring. 

Finding a matching ring can be a very complicated mission. Jewelry stores are full of a huge variety of engagement rings, but they all are kind of similar, they are easy to forget, quite plain.’’After searching the internet for hours and visiting some jewelry stores, I realized that none of the above is suitable for my fiance.

I also visit dealers in Downtown LA and it made me even more confused. After all, I would like to adorn the finger of my beloved one with special one-of-a-kind jewelry.” - said Mr.Ross, one of our recent clients. 

“I knew that there was an opportunity to made completely unique engagement ring, but it seemed a little complicated to me. Until I found the jewelers of NinaVova.’’

Most proposals face such a problem. They agree that they process of looking for ideal engagement ring is overwhelming and time consuming. Furthermore, most believe that custom ring and personalized design require special knowledge and will cost a fortune. 

You don't have to be a designer or to be good at gemstones in order to create a thing exactly you want.

It was a much easier and enjoyable experience making custom unique ring than wasting time visiting one store after another. 


Now my wife wears not just a gorgeous ring, she has an item with high value due to the tremendous emotional memories it contains and the meaning of our love story. It will definitely become a family heirloom to pass from parents to new generations.’’ - Mr. Ross notes. 

Classic brides prefer jewelry rings that comply with the rule of four С’s -cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.Jewelry manufacturers emphasize the importance of this rule in an advertising campaigns. As a result, it determines the competition and the cost of the rings.

That’s why most of the fiancees choose a popular platinum ring with a round diamond. But what if this statement isn’t such important?What if it’s just fashion-influenced opinion? If you are a modern girl with a broad outlook and think wider than classic settings you certainly should go for things that reflect your own personality. 

Mass-produced goods retain less value because they exist in abundance.The chance to meet a bride with the same ring as yours is great enough. Well known, that girls don’t like it when they are dressed in the same outfits at the party, but they aren’t embarrassed at all when their engagement rings are often identical.Going with custom made unique engagement ring helps ladies to deal with the issue of similarityonce and forever. 


We believe that each love story requires one of a kind engagement ring. As our couple differ from each other,  their engagement rings should be unique and special.


One of the first diamond engagement rings was absolutely unique. In 1477 AD Archduke Maximilian proposed to the Princess Mary of Burgundy with the first-ever faceted diamond engagement ring. It wasn't like popular diamond solitaire, as you have imagined. 

The diamonds were tiny and placed into the shape of an 'M.' Supposedly, it was the sign for the name Mary. Such a way of personalized design became especially widespread.   


So where do I start?

Unlike buying a pre-made engagement ring, elaboration of your own one from scratch is the process of creating a true one-of-a-kind thing of art. Couples who visit us for unique engagement rings often know what they want but they can’t find it. 

Participating in the creation process of the design of an engagement ring it’s the best way to guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want. If you are a person of a strong fashion sense, an uncompromising stance on where gemstones are sourced, or if you demand handmade rare jewelry, custom-designed rings is your best choice. 


We follow four simple and clear steps in creating pieces:

Initial consultation. 

At the first meeting, we discuss your wishes, requirements, and expectations on a future engagement ring. It is important to know the dating story of the couple or even secret signs to create a special personalized design. We take into account all your preferences aboutmaterials (white gold, yellow or rose, platinum), gemstones (diamond or moissanite, sapphire, ruby, emerald, paraiba tourmaline, etc), personalization signs.  Then we evaluate desired qualities with your budget to determine possible options within it. And one more important thing to be discussed is a timeline. Someone has a short time for creating a thing, another wants to extend the pleasure of making a unique engagement ring. 

All of your ideas, inspirations, and requirements we implement on a paper by drawing a sketch. And while we are busy with sketching we give you many interesting and useful articles to read. You’ll get a few sketches, and if needed we’ll go through revisions until we get exactly what you envisioned. 

The next step is the development of a 3D model.

It will be a replica of your ready-made piece of jewelry and gives a chance to estimate the overall size, design and discuss if changes are needed. 

Stone selection.

We will offer an assortment of gemstones and explain the uniquebenefits of each one. It's difficult to make a choice among thousands of variants. And we can't allow you to make anexpensive investment based on a few paragraphs about the importance of4Cs of diamond quality. That's why weresponsibly source stones just for you from the sweet spot paying great attention to thepolish grade, symmetry, and fluorescence. Only the best gems are to be in your unique engagement ring!


It's the final stage of the process. Not just sending but full delivery with adorable packing and a book about the creation of your special ring. 

    We provide you with all the necessary information about care and cleaning, an appraisal, ring insurance info, and documentation on stones. 

    Let's talk about the ways you can customize your engagement ring.


      Personalize existing design you like

      By adding engravings, additional gems, etc. For example, we can put an inscription on the inside of the ring’s rim of initials or any date important to you. Also, there is an option of adding inside of the ring a special tiny stone of her favorite color.

        More complex changes 

        Also based on the existing design, but you make more complex changes like adding or removing elements, changes in the fastening or cutting of the stone, putting a colored stone instead of a diamond, engraving significant inscriptions, signs oryou might even opt for engraving an inside joke you two have.

          “I’ve already chosen the model of a piece for proposal and my desire was todecorate the engagement ring with stones from my family heirloom. So, we added it.’’- notes one of our proposals Mr. Thomas.


          Fully custom option.

          Sometimes this is a collective image of several rings; sometimes it is a completely unique thing. This doesn't mean that you must be an artist or designer. Some of our clients sent designs drawn on napkins! Eventually, we turned it into a finished unique engagement ring. 

            “My fiancée collected a ring design pics on Pinterest, so I snooped on her board to find out what kind of designs she prefers. She was in love withEmerald Cut diamond rings. So, based on her wishes I started wondering how to customize a thing.

            The idea was to implement her beautiful green eyesin two emerald stones and her golden hair to represent insix tiny apricot sapphire allon the sides of the center diamond. It was exactly her personification and I’m proud that I was a part of a process.”


            Whatever method of customization you choose, we will create the best unique version of the one-of-a-kind ring. 


            Commonly, a groom chooses the engagement ring, but it becomes more popular to do it together and a lot of brides actively take part in searching a ring for life.

            “I know that in order to make something she liked she must be a part of a process. It's absolutely normal experience to pick up a piece of wedding jewelry together because it's an expensive thing for the whole life and there should be no misses”. - mentioned our client Mark at an initial meeting with his wife-to-be Jane.

            However, as many people as many opinions. When I mentioned that there are a lot of couples doing the design of engagement ring together, a friend of mine Philip said: “I didn't even consider such an option.

            I am very conservative in this case. For me, engagement is a very special and unexpected event that evokes the most vivid emotions.” By the way, he made a good research and the ring was called the "best ring in the world."

            But there is another story when couples in love working on creating the design of their unique engagement ring together.“We did ring design itself together and I surprised her with the stone. As simple as that.” - said Sky.

            No matter how you choose to make your engagement ring. The end result is important. By yourself or together, the main thing is that everyone happy with the choice.


            Let's get inspired!

            1. Choosing an engagement ring is as responsible as finding a wedding ring. Since this jewelry is with you for life.Especially for the celebrities, because from the moment of engagement, the attention of the whole world will be riveted to their ring finger. No one will deny, that ring size doesn’t necessarily indicate how much a person loves you or is loyal to you, but how nice to look at theincrediblehuge rings! We rounded up a list of breathtaking and unique engagement rings of famous people.

            Jennifer Lopez literally feels like a million-dollar girl - that's the exact amount that some experts value the engagement ring that baseball player Alex Rodriguez presented to his beloved in March 2019.A pure emerald diamond set on the platinum band has a weight of 16 carats - the stone is obviously extremely large but spectacular.

            An unusual unique engagement ring for EmilyRatajkowskiwas made in a jewelry workshop according to her own sketches. By the way, her husband Sebastian Bir-McClard also had a hand in it.

            Ratajkowski admits that she couldn’t choose the ready-made ring for a long time - she liked the stones of a different cutting, and as a result, she decided to place two diamonds on a wide gold band at once: one in the Princess cut and the other in the shape of a peach.

            The wife of the famous brutal action hero Jason Statham wears a vintage platinum ring. The large round diamond looks royal elegant. The actor went around many antique salons before deciding to purchase. “This is a classic thing. Jason looked for something perfect and returned several times in order to meticulously examine this jewelry. And in the end, choose it.’’ noted a famous jeweler and jewelry collector Neil Lane.

            Scarlett Johansson debuted her third engagement ring in July 2019 and it becamethe connoisseur's choice without any doubt. The piece is created using innovative modern technology and inspired by Art Deco.


            This is a huge yellow diamond in 11-carat weight on a black curving ceramic band. The exclusive decoration was made by James de Givenchy, the nephew of legendary designer Hubert de Givenchy, and their jewelry house Taffin.

            Another famous unique engagement ring belongs toMeghan Markle. The jewelry has a deep meaning as it contains three diamond stones which symbolize past, present, and future of the couple.

            The center stone is a cushion-cut diamond from Botswana that represents a special connection between Prince Harry and Meghan, the other two diamonds are the heirloom from Princess Diana’s personal collection.

            One more outstanding jewelry decorates a finger of Kate Middleton for ten years. It previously belonged to Princess Diana, mother of Prince William.The ring consists of a 12-carat oval blue sapphire, cut into facets, and surrounded by fourteen solitaire diamonds.

            The ring’s band is made from 18K white gold.Princess Diana was well known as a style icon, and after William’s proposal, this type of ring became the most coveted sapphire ring style in the world.

            Most girls would say yes to Ryan Reynolds, even if he presented them with a plastic ring. But famous actor proposed BlakeLively with an elegant oval-shaped diamond ring with a micro-pavé band. Based on the purity of the stone, it’s color and settings, jewelers estimate the ring at no less than $ 2 million. The ring was created by Lorraine Schwartz designers.

            American actress and social activist, Natalie Portman wears a stunning eco-friendly diamond ring with recycled platinum and conflict-free diamonds.Jeweler designer Jamie Wolf created the custom handmade ring with Natalie’s now-husband Benjamin Millepied: “We wanted everything about the ring to speak to things that are important to Natalie.”

            Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is an incredibly beautiful piece of jewelry.  It has a large diamond in the center with a weight of about six carats. The side stones are made of aquamarine, which is Jessica’s birthstone. The halo surrounding the main diamond gives the ring a pretty vintage style. Justin Timberlake created a custom design of a jewelry appearance with no input of beloved.

            Not only celebrities could afford to purchase uncommon wedding jewelry. Unique custom design is available within every budget. Inspired by marvelous ideas and sparkling gems you could create your ownincredible one-of-a-kind ring. 

            1. Searching an appropriate unique engagement ring with so many styles and designs out there can be a stressful and complicated mission. In order to make it easier for you to understand the difference between existing styles of the rings, we will consider some of the common types. Some of them you will find a bit vintage and even old, another will consider futuristic. Finally, you’ll see that classic setting sparkling from all advertisements is far from the only option and you shouldn't stop on it. 

            “The best way to find the right engagement ring is to compare the personality of a beloved woman withjewelry appearance. And if you figured out that they complement each other, you should purchase without any thoughts!” - recommends OliviaSwanson, a jewelry consultant with 15 years of experience.


            What kind of engagement ring should i get?


            Well-known and loved by everyone’s engagement ring style. The name is determined due to the presence of one stone in the composition. To show its goodliness the single solitaire is often located on a simple band, sometimes with a blend of  a prong or claw setting.

            Rings of this type are perfect for those brides who are fans of restrained, elegant and minimalist style. It’s an everlasting design that never goes out of fashion.


            Also known as ‘illusion’ rings. It's a combination of smaller or different sized stones that creates the same effect as a big diamond. Cluster design setting is ideal if you want to purchase a sparkling and brillianсe jewelry staying within your budget.

            There is an opportunity to choose a traditional circle cluster, the square cluster also called ‘princess style’, or a more unusual and modern asymmetrical design. Anyway, the light caught from different angles makes your ring shining like millions of diamonds.


            What makes this type special is the decoration of the band. The manner involves embedding tiny diamonds or other small gems into the ring’s rim. Usually, this kind comes with one center stone.

            Applying birthstones along with diamonds gives the composition a unique twist. If you are looking for a dainty and feminine piece to surprise your fiance with it’s a good choice!


            It’s all about how the diamond is located. Metal shanks and shoulders curve up to support the central stone and this structure looks like a cathedral. At the same time, the rim of the ring can be decorated with pave diamonds. Such type of engagement ring stays popular for decades. This is a classic of the genre.


            Halo ring setting suggests that your center diamond is surrounded by smaller ones, to create a big diamond effect. You can find three variants of this type: classic round halo, pear-shaped stone, emerald or oval form. It’s arepresentative of theArt Deco era, thatmade its debut in the 1920s.

            The advantage of a pear cut setting is a teardrop effect, that provides an elegant touch. A more amazing view is created using a color gem for the center stone like a sapphire, ruby, morganite or pink diamond. Choosing an engagement ring with a special colored gemstone is a great way to make a ring as unique as your bride is. The halo setting provides extra sparkle and makes every woman feels like a queen. 

            Three-stone Style 

            You can also meet another name of the style - trilogy rings. Brides that prefer this kind of jewelry are usually romantic natures. Because they believe a combination of three stones has special importance. There are two representations of that symbol:

            • past, present, and future of the couple. The widespread option is to use heirloom stones in design to personalize the jewelry;
            • love, friendship, and fidelity.

            Playing with different combinations of stones you can create your own one of a kind piece of art. 

            Double Diamond Style

            The very unusual engagement ring style is only gaining popularity mainly among celebrities. Two central diamonds of the same size and shape introduce you and your beloved, and your eternal union.  Using contrasting stones is on-trend now.

            Baroque Engagement Ring

            Baroque jewelry is known for its details, artistry, and decorativeness. Here you can find nature-inspired patterns, engraved swirls, micro-pavés and pavés in combination with halos, clusters, and big diamonds. Many brides find such style true vintage and sophisticated.

            Vintage Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

            This fascinating vintage styled ring for fiancees of all ages.Vintage rings are decorated with geometric patterns and vibrant accents, all of the elements aremeticulously handcrafted and forged in designer detail. If you are passionate about thesophisticated era of Gatsby, flappers, and jazz if you are in love with the culture of the 1920s and ’30s it's certainly your choice!

            Vintage Edwardian Ring

            A kind of engagement rings that were popular during the reign of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria, so-called Edwardian era of 1900 to 1915, also known as“the Beautiful Era.

            It’s all about romantic elements: lacy filigree designs, intricate flower patterns, detailed milgraining, vines, and hearts - nature-inspired designs. The main feature of the style lies indelicate and ultra finely detailed settings and tends toincorporate as many diamonds as possible. Our brides-to-be note that rings of vintageEdwardian style are stunningly beautiful work of artshould be worn separately, not in sets of multiply rings.

            Modern Contemporary

            For those brides who are on-trend and traditional bands don’t suit their style. Truly unique engagement rings that make wow-effect with their futuristic design, flowing lines, wraparound bands decorated with a scattering of tiny crystals, and polished finishes.

            This design is suitable for courageous and adventurous fiancees. Perhaps this is the personification of the era of digital technology and virtual reality. A breathtaking look can be approached by abbreviations or initials engraving, or complementary signs on the ring’s rim.


            Bezel Engagement Ring Style

            Famous as one of the most durable ring settings, because it provides more secure grip of the main stone than the traditional prong setting. Thus, the central crystal is protected against unexpected destruction by encasing the stone exactly in the metal.

            One more advantage is that hair and clothes won’t get tangled in such a design construction. However, since most of the diamond remains closed and light doesn't penetrate freely through its edges, it may appear smaller than it is. In any case, this is a very feminine and sophisticated kind of engagement ring.

            Now you know the most common engagement ring styles and making the right choice will be much easier! Make your proposal the most memorable event of life. Create your own history, create your family values. 


            The main advice we give to all our couples when they are looking for the perfect one of a kind rings is to do plenty of research before buying. It is alluring to jump on the first rock you think is ideal that fits within your budget. There is a possibility that you'll realize that you have studied the market a little and regret your choice very quickly.

            Consider all possible designs, gemstones, and cuts.

            Find out what type of wedding jewelry your bride-to-be is passionate with or ask her to take a part in a searching process.

            Make sure, that no one else will have the same ring, because your beloved partner deserves a one of a kind wedding ring.

            The best way to deal with it is to get a custom-made ring that will contain all your ideas and wishes. Our jewelers will offer you the best personalization options: filigree features, hand engravings from organic or floral designs, milgraning details.

            One of our clients asked to engrave inside of the ring’s rim the date when he first met his soulmate. “He turned out to be a romantic. I didn’t even think that men pay attention to such things as dates. I was pleasantly surprised.”- said his wife.

            If inscriptions are not enough you may also set on the inside of the band a colored diamond or birthstone of your sweetheart.

            You don't have to be an artist or designer. Our experienced jewelers will provide you with all necessary information and help to create a perfect one-of-a-kind piece of art.