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Promise ring meaning is unique to each person and each relationship. In general thought promise, rings symbolize love and commitment. It's not an engagement ring, but it's a message for the world about the seriousness of your relationship. I can see the two most common scenarios where a promise ring is used. Also, and it's becoming more common, a promise ring symbolizes exclusivity or your relationship. The couple might not be ready or even don't want to get married, but they want to show each other and to their community that their relationship is much more serious than casual dating. PROMISE RING MEANING

    What does a promise ring mean? 


    Since ancient times promise ring meaning stayed the same. When couple exchanging promise ring, or man give it to it's significant other it symbolizes commitment and exclusivity of the relationship. It's saying to the world that you are ready for possible engagement and marriage in the future but not financially prepared for it or maybe you are too young or finishing college or something else. In recent times in some cases, promise ring meaning includes only the first part. Couple want to symbolize and point their exclusivity for one another. It does not mean that they are going towards the engagement ring, and there is no pressure about it. 


    What is the history of the promise ring?


    The idea of a promise ring become a popular couple of thousand years ago. Promise rings know since Biblical times. It those days couples was betrothed instead engaged because they were later married by the church and not by the government. Promise ring meaning was much closer to the modern-day engagement and depending on the social status of the couple and traditions were of the use as their wedding rings as well. In many countries and cultures, the average citizen could only one type of jewellery, and that was a wedding ring. Rest of the jewellery was prohibited in favour of higher society. Also a good thing to the point that the average age of marriage was around 15. 




    What is the promise ring looks like?


    Promise ring meaning is quite different from the engagement ring. A promise ring can lead toward an engagement ring, and usually, it's happening that way, but there are no rules about it. It meant to symbolize the seriousness of relationship and readiness of the couple to take the next step. It's Promise ring meaning hope to get married someday but does not promise that as an engagement ring does. 

    You want to stay minimalistic with your promise ring since you don't want your significant other and her friends and family to be confused with the engagement ring. Traditionally promise rings using symbols of love and commitment such as love knots, infinity symbols, engraving or names or dates or even coordinates where the couple meet. All of our rings are custom made to order and can be personalized to your wish. We have lots of customers who draw what they want, and we made it. Even drawings like that are good enough. 


    We also like to keep them in a way, so when you have your engagement ring, there is no need to take it off. You can enjoy both a promise ring as well as an engagement ring on your finger. Also, some couples want to keep their promise rings in the same style as their future engagement ring and wedding band and made them as a stacker.

    Silver is also a good option for a promise ring, but in that case, it would be hard to combine it with future wedding band if you have a intend of doing that. The reason being is that silver is less resistant to scratches. Meaning in a few years when your gold ring would look like a new, silver ring would have to be polished and clean. 

    Every couple is different, and every ring is different. When you are thinking about investing in your rings, think about it not only as a financial investment but also as a time and creativity investment. 


    Only your fantasy limit you here. I personally love when my clients include personal symbolic into the ring, so it becomes a conversations starter. 


    How much promise ring should cost?


    Promise rings are much more affordable then engagement rings, but it doesn't mean that they have to be less special. We at NinaVova have silver rings as well as gold ranging from $100 up to $500. Sometimes we keep them very simple without any stones, sometimes we ad GEMstones and very rare diamonds. 


    Other confusing promise ring meanings.


    Often people confuse promise ring with a purity ring. While promise rings given by the couple to each other or by one person to another, there are different types of promise rings which are self-given to promise to do some sort of thing or remind yourself about the bad habit. It's also ofter given by parents to their children when they are leaving parents house. 


    Historically it was fashionable to exchange the rings with close friends as a symbol of celebration of big friendship or as the commitment you have been on a distance from each other. Nowadays, this tradition is slowly coming back, and in my opinion, it's a very powerful thing. 


    As you can see, there are lots of ways of using promise rings or purity rings. I've made one for myself with petrified wood to remind myself that I had to travel more often and enjoy the journey. 


    Does man wear promise rings?


    Most of the people think about promise ring be the same as a pre-engagement ring, and they apply the same traditions to be true for promise rings where man buy promise ring, but a woman doesn't have to. You can go that way, but usually, a couple exchanging rings. At the same time, there are occasions where only one partner making a gift symbolizing how much the one valuer another, making it symbolically closer to an engagement ring. 

    It doesn't matter if you are girls and want to make the first move or you are the guy, LGBTQ+ or straight. Rules shouldn't be applied to your relationship. Make it your way. 


    Is it common to exchange promise rings?

    If we are talking about the whole world then yes, it was popular, and it's still is. The tradition of exchanging promise ring was there forever since ancient times. In Europe since Roman times and in Russian since the 14th century. In the past ten years, it's become more and more popular here in the US as well. It's all started with few celebrities exchanging promise rings with their loved ones, Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Johan Brothers and many others. 



    Which finger to wear your promise ring?


    A promise ring can be worn on any finger you like. Even on the pinky and it looks great. The most common way to wear is still the left hand of your ring finger. After you get married, you can move it to your right hand. We made some rings with chains as well so they can be worn on the neck as well on the finger.

    Since ancient Egypt people believed that there is a vein that runs directly from the ringer to your hard, which is not medically correct thought :)


    How to give a promise ring?


    I previously mentioned that promise ring meaning is quite different from the engagement ring, and therefore, the exchange should be in a different manner as well. You probably don't want to get on one knee because it would confuse your partner and make him or her think that you are proposing. You want to separate these two occasions. Also, it would be a great idea to give a beautiful, romantic explanation of a promise ring meaning if it wasn't discussed prior. 

    You can send it up as a nice dinner for two, or you can set up a picnic on the beach, or take a hike or anything else. Make it as unique as your relationship. 


    What happened to the ring if you no longer together?


    As wedding rings, unfortunately, can't guarantee that relationship would last forever, promise rings can't ensure the same. Usually, promise rings are not returned, It depends on the reason why you break up, but in most of the cases, a promise ring isn't returned.