How to make custom Spinel engagement ring

July 01, 2020 3 min read

I wanted to show you a very special custom spinel engagement ring that we did for our client recently.


Most people don’t know where to start when they want a custom ring, so let me take you through this whole journey on a real-life example.




Our client contacted me about two months ago. We started with a consultation via skype. 20 min after we summarized everything - he wanted a sapphire engagement ring, he wanted it to be unique, something that you can’t just go and buy at the store and he wanted to stay under a specific budget. 

 spinel engagement ring

He also shared a Pinterest board of his fiance so we could look at it together and then our designers started drawing. A few days later, we had another call and went through 3 options that we sketched for him. He quickly chooses one that he liked with a trillion cut; we did a 3d model to see it in 3 dimensions and to confirm that everything is right and stared, making his ring with our jewellers. The only thing we’ve changed later were the side stones on the call, instead of triangle stones we did 3 round stones on each side, and we change prongs from round to triangle. 


Let’s talk about the centre stone a little more because it’s pretty unusual.

Initially, my client said that he wanted sapphire as a centre stone. When I asked him if he wished to specifically sapphire or the look of it turns out he likes the way it looks, its deep blue colour

 spinel engagement ring

So I said that one of the best solutions would be a gemstone called Spinel, it’s significantly more affordable and gorgeous as you can see. And we could stay with his initial goal of 2ct stone. 


A little bit of history on this stone.

It used to be popular and quite expensive a couple of centuries ago—just 2 facts. You can find a 170ct Spinel next to 350ct Diamond on British Crown dated 1367, and only the best gemstones would make it to be on the Crown of the reachest empire at the time. The other famous application of the Spinel is Catherine the Great Crown dated 1762. That Spinel was initially been a gift from the Chinese emperor. You can imagine if royals used it than it was the best of the best. 


Anyway, let’s come back to the ring.

 spinel engagement ring

Since it’s pretty much impossible to find Spinel in Trillion cut and especially in a given time, we decided to buy raw stone and cut it. We have great specialists to do the most complex gemstone cuts. 


For the setting itself, which is the band of the ring and the way all the gems are supported on it since we were going with a bluestone we both agreed that the best choice is 14K white gold. 

 spinel engagement ring

The Trillion cut is a very tricky shape because of the sharped edges. So if you use it in an engagement ring that is meant to be worn daily, we want the owner to be safe and comfortable. 


Triangular tips are kind of fragile and can scratch you, so you need to protect yourself and protect tips of the stone from chipping. So we put triangle prongs on each tip to emphasize the beauty of the stone and make it as comfortable and safe as possible. 

 spinel engagement ring

I think we achieved the goal of making a unique engagement ring. I’m delighted with the final result. 

 spinel engagement ring

Everything from the stone to the setting it’s genuinely custom hand made. Even the box is custom made as well. We did everything under eight weeks from our initial skype consultation to the day it arrived, and we did all that when everything was closed on quarantine. I’m very proud of our small team! 

 spinel engagement ring

I hope this ring will inspire you to make your custom beauty. Check our other videos for more inspiration, and thank you for watching this video. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments. I would be happy to hear what you think. 

 spinel engagement ring

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