Signet flat wedding band

Signet flat wedding ring is non-traditional variant of wedding jewelry. It’s suitable for the groom and its massive form emphasizes the status and power oh its owner. This ring is performed with yellow 14 k gold and has a round bevel in design. However, the signet flat ring is stunning in white as well as rose gold. Despite its simple design, it has very arresting, stylish, and concise look. The surface of the blank signet is decorated with scuffs, that create a modern appearance. Historically, signets were worn only by men in the past, but nowadays there are no rules on it. Even brides choose such type of wedding ring as a symbol of equality and modernity. It is possible to customize a signet ring by different engravings of meaningful signs or monograms or even incrustation of gemstones.


Metal: 14k gold or 18k gold or platinum available

- It can be made in matte, polished, or rough (brushed) gold.