You are about to propose and have chosen a platinum engagement ring for it? We should say that you have perfect taste! However, there is one difficult task ahead. It’s finding that unique platinum ring, which will not just show all the tenderness of your feelings but will be the most suitable decoration for your beloved one for the rest of your life.

Platinum is a special metal. The word comes from Spanish "Plata" which means silver. It has a high strength that’s why your platinum engagement rings will retain their original appearance for many years.

Furthermore, platinum is a very rare metal that results in its high price. Choosing a platinum engagement ring is one of the best ways to show your loved one how much you cherish and appreciate them.

Moreover, platinum engagement rings have many benefits. Platinum has virtually no impurities and doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Platinum jewelry doesn’t oxidize or change its color. This is very convenient, cause you don’t have to clean your platinum engagement rings regularly.

Our specialists at NinaVova are endlessly in love with this metal. Even though working with platinum is very difficult, creation of classic smooth platinum engagement rings requires good skills and talent, not to mention more complex and intricate ring designs.

Platinum engagement rings for women 

Platinum engagement rings for women have a special grace. Cold platinum overflows look incredible both on white and dark skin. These stylish and expensive jewelry emphasize the status of its owner.

There is a possibility to make platinum engagement rings for women in an infinite number of variations such as classic smooth with engraving, inlaid with diamonds or other precious stones, or even openwork and in combination with gold. Platinum pearl engagement rings also look excellent on the girls hand. We at NinaVova’s studio don’t limit our clients by a dozen of options. Here you can order a completely custom ring.

Platinum engagement rings for men 

Platinum engagement rings for men are a great choice. This metal symbolizes the masculine power of its owner as well as his ability to tenderness.

Another advantage of the platinum engagement rings for men is the resistance of this metal to damage.

Platinum engagement rings for men are often inlaid with diamonds or other precious stones. Our jeweler will help you to choose the most restrained variant as well as the unique or non-traditional depending on the personal jewelry preferences.

Platinum diamond engagement rings 

Luxury lovers will definitely enjoy platinum diamond engagement rings. No other metal emphasizes a diamond as platinum does. We know one thing exactly - this is a great tandem, which has no equivalent in the jewelry world. Thinking it's expensive? Yes, it is! But is it magnificently? Undoubtedly it is! 

No one could resist platinum diamond engagement rings. The cost of NinaVova’s jewelry is more than affordable. Contact us, and we will do our best to help you to get the ring of your dream.

Unique platinum engagement rings 

Unique platinum engagement rings are both a challenge for our jewelers and their favorite work. Creating masterpieces that have been existed only in one’s imagination for a long time it’s an art. We are proud of every piece. Specialists of NinaVova’s studio do everything to make every product as exceptional as possible. Once you place your order, be confident you get unique platinum engagement rings. 

Make an order of unique platinum engagement rings in NinaVova’s store and you are guaranteed to hear: ‘Yes, I do!’