If you are thinking about purchasing an engagement ring, it’s necessary to determine a list of criteria for its selection in order to make the searching process quick and effective, being sure that as a result, you’ll meet all your expectations.

So, the main feature to be determined is material. Namely, you have to choose a stone, you want to see in the design of the ring. Romantic Hollywood stories and fashion trends assure us that the ideal option is a diamond engagement ring.

However, we live in a time when stereotypes get collapsed and everyone wants to express their individuality.

The major rule is the absence of any rules! In case, if you and your beloved are quite bold and extraordinary persons or vice versa, you are a conservative fan of vintage jewelry, anyway, you can safely consider thegemstone engagement rings as an option for engagement.

This kind of engagement ring is suitable for those, thinking outside the box. 

Furthermore, wearing agemstone engagement ring is a kind of special aristocratic manner. If you look at all the rings that European princesses or women who married men from royal families received as an engagement sign, you can see that there are very few diamond models.

These are mainlygemstone engagement rings with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The aristocracy’s addiction to colored stones can be explained by two points. Firstly, gems were more decorative and brightness unlike diamonds in closed settings.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, when jewelers started using the open diamond setting. Another advantage of the gemstones is that there has never been a “fever” on colored stones when they become a massive object of attraction for the general population.

Representatives of royal families still have a tradition to propose with agemstone engagement ring.So, if you want your fiancee to feel like a European princess, present her with a ring of color stone.

How is the material shown in this article?

There is a wide variety of gemstones that differs by colors and shades, by clarity and lusk, and by hardness. We’ve selected only those stones which in our opinion are suitable for engagement rings in order to make you more comfortable during the searching process.

Gems below are sorted in terms of value, beauty, and wear resistance. In our list, you can find quite gentle exceptions like opal and pearl. These jewels are delicate and require special care and need to be worn neatly.  In this case, we’ll mark it separately. 

Think of your lifestyle and how carefully you used to wear rings before making a choice on these unique gems. Or maybe you plan to have several engagement rings. By the way, Victoria Beckham has got 21 engagement rings corresponding to the number of years being married.  

Usually, our clients want some specific color and only then some definite stone. Therefore, we’ve distributed all the stones by color. If the same stone has several colors, we’ll repeat it without duplicating the description. Features of the gemstones are listed from the most expensive to the most available.

What are gemstones?

A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry. You can find other names of this material such asgem, fine gem, jewel, precious stone, or semi-precious stone.By the way, certain rocks such as lapis lazuli and opal, and occasionally organic materials such as amber, jet, and pearl, are classified as gemstones and are also used for jewelry.

Gemstone is any of various minerals highly prized for beauty, durability, and rarity and used in jewelry. Therefore, agemstone engagement ring is a kind of engagement ring that has a non-diamond design, but any colored stones. Gems can be mounted at the center place as well as on the sides of the ring using traditional ring settings as halo, solitaire, three-stone design and others.  

How much does a gemstone engagement ring cost?

Answering this question is complicated because it depends on a chosen stone, its value, and origin, what market is sold and by what brand. We decided to simplify the task as much as possible and with each gemstone, we’ll show the cost of the ring by the following parameter: solitaire settinggemstone engagement ring with 1 ct stone, yellow gold 14K which was made by us on a tailor. 

Gemstone engagement rings by color

Red stones


Rubyis a mineral, a kind of corundum, belongs to the class of oxides.It’s one of the most expensive gems. The colors of this gemstone range from bright red to dark red and even violet red. But the most vivid and sought after ispigeon blood-red color.  Made of corundum, rubies are like the red versions of sapphires.

Ruby is widely used in jewelry, and its synthetic version can be seen in lasers and clockworks.

Precious ruby ​​can be found on all continents except Antarctica. The most valuable are the rubies mined in Asia. The main suppliers of red corundum are Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Rubies are also in demand from East Africa, from countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. This kind of gemstone also is highly mined in the Pamirs, Tajikistan. Rubies brought from East Africa, namely from Kenya and Tanzania, are also not uncommon.

Since ancient times, in Europe, the ruby is considered a symbol of strength, beauty, devotion to faith, dignity, and courage.It was the gemstone of dominant rulers and nobles. In the East, it represented love, health, strength, and vitality. In India, ruby ​​was a stone of the sun. Therefore, the ruby is a rather unusual stone. It brings the wearer inspiration, confidence, and influence, in addition, it helps to fulfill all desires. As it’s considered as a symbol of love and passion, ruby increases energy, sharpens the mind andattracts romantic partners.

Supposedly rubies were mined already in the Bronze Age in Burma. Rubies were also valued in India and used as talismans about 2.000 years ago. It is known that the large ruby, according to the evidence of the ancient Greek writer Lucian, adorned the statue of the wife of Zeus Hera in Hierapolis (Hierapolis, the modern territory of Syria).

Rubies can be used for any type of jewelry and due to their high level of hardness can be worn every day without any worries about scratching or cracking. This gemstone looks good in just every desired shape. The most common ones are ovals and cushions. Gemstone engagement ring decorated with ruby is a special piece of art.

Blue Stones


It’s a gem of various shades, one of the varieties of corundum. In mineralogy, sapphires are called corundum exclusively blue. There are also specimens of fantasy colors: yellow sapphires, orange, green, colorless, pink sapphires in nature.

They have the same chemical formula but differ in the content of impurities. The star sapphire has a very unusual look. Titanium oxides create incredible light overflows on the sapphire surface, so-called asterism effect. Such kind of this gem is quite rare and highly valued.

Sapphires are widely used in jewelry. Star sapphires are usually crafted as a cabochon, in which it acquires a smooth polished surface without edges. Synthetic sapphires are used as raw materials for the manufacture of ophthalmic scalpels and lenses of the eye; for the production of high-strength optically transparent elements; in dentistry - for the manufacture of aesthetic braces.

The richest sapphire placers are located in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, China, Vietnam), India, Australia, and the United States. The most valuable and beautiful are Kashmir sapphires, which got their name from the place of their extraction - Kashmir (a disputed area occupied by India and Pakistan).

Sapphire is considered a stone of heaven and has powerful cosmic energy. He has always been a symbol of wisdom, justice, purity, and spirituality. In many cultures, sapphire was the main decoration of temples, it was worn by priests and worshipers, it contributed to the unity of man and God. Gemstone engagement ring decorated with sapphires is highly widespread and sought after. The most famous and adorable is Princess Diana’s engagement ring with sapphire with a weight of 1,8 carats. 

The most popular cuts for a sapphire are oval, round, pear and cushion. These are commonly used for all types of jewelry like rings, pendants, and earrings. 

The world's largest faceted blue sapphire is named the Blue Giant of the East and weighs 466 carats. Sapphire was found in Sri Lanka in 1907. 

There are following world-famous sapphires:

  • Sapphire of St. Edward is a stone of dark blue color weighing 167 carats, faceted in the shape of a rose. Installed in the center of the upper cross crowning the Crown of the British Empire;
  • Sapphire Logan is a blue stone from Sri Lanka. One of the largest known faceted sapphires, its mass is 423 carats. It has a perfect saturated and deep blue color;
  • Queensland's black star is a large gem, the world's largest star sapphire, 733. It was discovered in Queensland in the 1930s;
  • Stuart Sapphire or Charles II Sapphire is a historical gem of the Scottish crown, according to legend, set back in the crown of King Alexander II. It has a weight of 104 carats.

Green Stones


Emerald is a gemstone that belongs to the group of beryls. It belongs to the first group of minerals along with diamond, ruby, sapphire, and alexandrite. The word "emerald" literally means "green gem". And in ancient times in Greece and Rome, emeralds were called "stones of green radiance." An ideal emerald is a transparent stone of evenly distributed saturated color. Large defect-free emeralds of a thick tone weighing more than 5 carats are valued more than diamonds. 

Currently, the largest number of all emeralds is mined in Colombia, in New Granada, Zambia, Brazil, and Egypt. Emeralds of lower quality are found in Khabakhtal, in Salzburg (Austria), in the Mourne Mountains (Ireland), on Lake Miesen (Norway). Emeralds are also mined in Russia, the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Switzerland, and others.

Emeralds were highly regarded by ancient cultures. As early as the 4th century BC Babylonians traded this gemstone. Furthermore, 37 centuries ago, during the reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Sesostris III near the Red Sea, a deposit of these precious stones was developed.It was known that Emerald was a favorite gem of Cleopatra. Also,the ancient Greeks greatly valued emeralds, and the Egyptians decorated mummies with them. According to legend, the blood of Christ was collected in the cup of emerald. Now, this vessel is known as the “Grail” or “Holy Grail”. 

Throughout history, emeralds have been prized and worn by royalty and celebrities.Below is a list of famous and historical emeralds:

  • Queen Isabella (stone weighing 964 carats). In the Palace of Justice in Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), the Aztecs kept an emerald with the size of an ostrich egg;
  • The figure of the “Griffin” is dated to the 4th – 5th centuries BC, made from a single piece of beryl. Emerald, weighing 1,422 kg;
  • Colombian emerald Unguentarium weighing 2860 carats. Presented in the Vienna Treasury;
  • Queen Elizabeth II had an amazing collection of emerald jewelry including an emerald diadem. 
  • The world's largest faceted emerald weighs 11.5 kg (57,500 carats), was mined in Brazil and has a name Teodora or “God's Gift”.

The main scope of emeralds is jewelry. Unclear emeralds, with cracks and interspersed, have a form of the cabochon without faces, only a flat surface. The classic cut for emerald is Emerald cut which contains 65 facets. But often, jewelers experiment with fantasy cuts of emeralds in their products. For example, you can find a gemstone engagement ring with a round, cushion or radiant cut.

Yellow Stone 


The name of a stone means a whole group of silicate minerals. The color scheme of scapolite is very diverse. They have a white, gray, grayish-white, colorless, yellowish color. There are crystals in which the "cat's eye" appears.

It is a stone that may provide emotional balance to its owner. The scapolite is a stone that is known for the energies that it has in solving problems.

Scapolite deposits can be found around the world in  Austria, Italy - Vesuvius region, Germany, Scandinavian peninsula; Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Canada. Regardless of the geography of the distribution of the mineral, it is a rare jewelry stone.

The most popular area of ​​application is the jewelry industry. Mineral at the end of processing can be confused with other types of stones. Very transparent and elongated crystals are faceted with an oval or a quadrangle cut, and with inclusions have a form of cabochon.