Give me songs to sing and emerald dreams to dream

and I'll give you love unfolding.

Jim Morrison

We are here to help you build your future

Our custom emerald engagement rings process


We’ll set up a call to chat about your vision for the custom emerald engagement rings. Let's talk about your ideas, vision, and preferences. You don't have to have a clear picture though. Give us direction and we will find a way together. 

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After the initial consultation, we’ll do a few sketches of your future emerald engagement rings to really fine-tune the design. We always make 3D models and a few quite often do 3D prins to try on before we began making your perfect ring.


We love updating our clients every step of the way, from purchasing gemstones to making the final engagement ring. You'll see many photos and videos how we make your emerald engagement rings. Since it usually takes 4-5 weeks, we like to keep you posted. 


Your custom emerald engagement rings is finished and we’re preparing to deliver it to you in a beautiful custom velvet box. We add all documentation, such as GIA certificates, to our final delivery to you.



You'll hear back from our pros in the next few hours. Any details you can share here will be very helpful. Again, no commitment, we just want to know and help you.