Petite engagement ring with small cross

This custom petite cross small wedding ring is created to have a sophisticated and elegant look. The base of the ring is a thin rim made of 14 k white polished gold. At the front side of the ring are placed five small crosses, made of yellow gold. East-west manner of crosses is created due to the fiancee’s wishes. Tenderness and sophistication are provided by the three tiny diamonds fixed between crosses. This petite cross wedding ring has an incredible appearance and is absolutely unique. Yellow gold meets white gold to create such a gorgeous wedding ring. It can be used as an independent wedding ring, without engagement one.


Metal: 14k gold or 18k gold or platinum available

- It can be matte, polished, or rough (brushed).

Stone: white cushion-cut sapphire VS clarity, comes with a certificate. Accent stones emerald 1.5mm